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Eastmont Professional Development Calendar

Clock Hours

8 months ago

What are Clock Hours?  Clock Hours represent time accrued in taking continuing education classes.  These can be used for renewal of teaching certificates as well as to be moved up the salary scale.

How to Receive Clock Hours

  1. Register in PDEnroller at  You must register for the class prior to the closing date to be eligible for clock hours.
  2. Attend the class(es) - Sign in for each class (or submit documentation for Late Start sessions).
  3. At the conclusion of the course, your attendance will be entered into PDEnroller.  If you registered and attended, you will receive an email from PDEnroller confirming your participation in the session.
  4. Complete the evaluation (see email from PDEnroller).
  5. Purchase the clock hours from PDEnroller.  They will be credited to your PDEnroller account immediately upon payment.

How to Create a Class for Clock Hours

District staff can create a class where clock hours are available.  Here is how:

  1. Get your principal's / program director's approval for the class.
  2. Establish yourself as an instructor on PDEnroller
  3. Submit a "CECH Proposal"

You will receive an email when your proposal is approved.  As an instructor you will need to do the following:

  1. Ensure that all clock hours requirements are met.
  2. Ensure that participants register on PDEnroller if interested in clock hours
  3. Have a sign in sheet at each meeting (available on PDEnroller) - teachers must be present and signed in to receive clock hours.
  4. Enter in hours earned by each participant in PDEnroller
  5. Follow up with any questions that participants have regarding clock hours.
  6. Send all sign in sheets to the Elementary or Secondary Executive Director for record keeping.

Overview of Professional Development

over 2 years ago

Professional Development committee 

The professional development committee gathers and reviews staff input for professional development and creates a menu of learning opportunities for Eastmont staff.  The committee is a representative group that meets periodically throughout the year.  2014-2015 Committee:  Barb Agnew, Doug Clay, Amy Dorey, Donna Drollinger, Eric Duffey, Tally Garcia, Jody Leonard, Cindi Lolos, Mark Marney, Nicole Preston, Tera Semanko, Terry Sloan-Abbott, Spencer Taylor

Professional Development Survey Results (Fall 2014)

Funding Sources

The following are funding sources for professional development for Eastmont Staff:

Bilingual:  To help staff better meet the needs of "English Language Learners", specifically English Language Develop and the ELP Standards.   Interested teachers must complete a Bilingual Pre-Approval prior to signing up for professional development activity.

LAP:  To help staff better meet the needs of struggling students in Math and Reading.  Could also include training to remove barriers to learning (including behaviors).   Interested teachers must complete a LAP Pre-Approval prior to signing up for professional development activity.

Title Ia:  For staff in Title Ia schools.  Must be connected to the School's SchoolWide Plan.  Interested teachers must complete aTitle Ia Pre-Approval prior to signing up for professional development activity.

Title IIa:  For teachers to become/maintain their highly qualified status and to support district initiatives in the District Strategic Plan.  Interested teachers must complete a Title IIa Pre-Approval prior to signing up for professional development activity.

Other funding sources may be available.  Please contact your building principal or program director for more information.


For answers to your questions about district professional development, please contact:

K-4:  Spencer Taylor,, 884-7169

7-12:  Mark Marney,, 884-7169