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About the Wenatchee Valley Area

over 2 years ago

Image of Wenatchee valley

Eastmont School District, encompassing approximately 150 square miles, is located in the geographic center of Washington State in the southwestern corner of Douglas County, 170 miles west of Spokane and 155 miles east of Seattle.  It is a four season community with easy access to both wilderness and major metropolitan areas.

The District currently enrolls about 6,200 students in grades K-12.  For the 2017-18  school year, students are housed in ten buildings:
Five Elementary Schools with Kindergarten - 4th grade;
One School with Kindergarten - 7th grades;
One Intermediate School with 5th - 7th grades;
One Junior High School with 8th - 9th grades;
One Senior High School with 10th - 12th grades;

Check out "We Are Wenatchee" a video produced by Voortex Productions for the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce.  This video was presented at the annual Chamber Banquet on March 6, 2014.
East Wenatchee is located in the Wenatchee Valley along the east shore of the Columbia River.  The climate and location provide unlimited outdoor recreational opportunities.  Mission Ridge is a “world class” ski area located 30 minutes from downtown.  Last year it had 116,000 visitors.  Lake Chelan is one of many spectacular areas within an hour’s drive where families enjoy water sports and vacationing. Many people seek to live in our area for these reasons and for the quality of life here.  The population of the region is about 75,000 people and continues to grow.  

East Wenatchee residents appreciate the community’s character, setting and climate; the region is famous for its natural beauty.  The Apple Capital Loop Trail, a 10-mile pedestrian and bicycle path, meanders along the banks of the Columbia River, crossing the river at two points and connecting the cities of East Wenatchee and Wenatchee.

The City of East Wenatchee was incorporated in 1935.  Native Americans were the earliest residents of the area.  In 1987, the Richey Clovis Cache was discovered which yielded many artifacts dating back 11,500 years.   

The medical facilities available to the area are outstanding.  Central Washington Hospital has been named one of the top 100 hospitals in the United States six times.  The Wenatchee Valley Medical Center, as well as several medical clinics also supplies a wide variety of services.

Wenatchee Valley College is a two-year liberal arts college located across the river in Wenatchee.  Several four-year colleges offered a multitude of classes and degree programs here.

The title “Apple Capital of the World” was bestowed on Wenatchee many years ago as agriculture has been the area’s leading industry for over a century.  The Washington State Apple Blossom Festival, held the first weekend in May each year, is one of the top ten festivals in the nation.  From its foundation in agriculture, the region’s economy has diversified to include year-round tourism and a variety of industries.  Yahoo is just opening a data center here that will help operate the company’s online services. Their company officials touted the business-friendly environment, low-cost power, high-speed fiber-optics network, dry climate and educated work force for luring them to our area.  The Wenatchee Valley Mall, located in downtown East Wenatchee, has over 40 stores including Macy’s and Sears.

East Wenatchee is famous for the landing site of the first non-stop Trans-Pacific flight in October 1931, when Clyde Pangborn and Hugh Herndon touched down from Misawa, Japan.  Today, Pangborn Regional Airport has service to and from Sea-Tac Airport four times a day.

With four distinct seasons, 300 sunshine-filled days a year, a river running though town and mountains so close you can almost touch them; the Wenatchee Valley and the Eastmont School District are a great place to call home.

Eastmont History of Grade Configurations

over 2 years ago

Below is an incomplete history of Eastmont School District's facilities and grade configurations.  If you have any pictures or stories, let us know so we can post them.


East Wenatchee K-8 School Double Shifted while Grant was built


New Grant Elementary K-4


East Wenatchee Schools (1,200 FTE)


Grant Elementary grades K-6


Eastmont School District Formed


East Wenatchee Elementary grades K-7


New East Wenatchee High School grades 8, 9, 10, 11, 12


East Wenatchee Elementary grades K-6


New Robert E. Lee Elementary grades K-6


East Wenatchee School grade 7


New Kenroy Elementary grades K-6


Eastmont High School First Graduating Class


New Sterling Junior High School grades 7, 8, 9 


Eastmont School District (2,650 FTE, 55% increase over 1956)


New Cascade Elementary grades K-6


Existing Eastmont High School became Junior High grades 8, 9


New Eastmont High School built with grades 10, 11, 12

EHS Ground Clearing Photo 1 and Photo 2 - Photos provided by Mason.  Photos are also shown below.


Sterling Intermediate grades 5, 6, 7


All elementary schools grades K-4


Lee and Kenroy partially modernized


Eastmont High School partially modernized


Cascade and Rock Island partially modernized


Kenroy and Lee construct new gyms


New Eastmont Junior High School grades 8, 9


New Clovis Intermediate School grades 5, 6, 7


Modernized Grant Elementary grades K-5


All elementary schools K-5, Intermediate Schools grades 6-7


Sterling Intermediate 6th grade / Eastmont High School grades 10, 11, 12


Sterling School grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


Grant, Lee, Kenroy, Cascade, and Rock Island return to grades K-4


Modernized Eastmont High School grades 10, 11, 12


Eastmont School District (5,698 FTE; 5,805 Headcount, which is a 115% increase over prior 54 years)

Wenache Valley landscape photo

EHS Ground Clearing in 1979.  Photo provided by Ron Mason.

Wenache Valley landscape photo

EHS Ground Clearing in 1979.  Photo provided by Ron Mason.

District and School Contact Information

about 1 year ago

District Administration Office    
Hours:  7:30 - 4:30 on Monday - Friday.

Dr. Garn Christensen  Phone: 509-884-7169


  Executive Director of Elementary Education
Spencer Taylor    Phone: 509-884-7169


  Executive Director of Financial Services
  Cindy Ulrich   Phone: 509-884-7169


  Executive Director of Human Resources and Title IX Officer 
  Vicki Trainor   Phone: 509-884-7169


  Assistant Superintendent/Secondary Education 
  David Woods   Phone: 509-884-7169 

 District Departments

  Food Service  
  Suzy Howard, Director   Phone: 509-884-3026


  Maintenance Department 
Seann Tanner, Director    Phone: 509-884-6970


  Special Education  
   David Woods, Director   Phone: 509-884-7169


  Technology Department 
Doug Clay, Director   Phone: 509-884-6503


  Transportation Department  
Troy Lucas, Director   Phone: 509-884-4621

 Elementary Schools

  Cascade Elementary   (Grades K-4)  
  Kim Browning, Principal   Phone: 509-884-0523

  Grant Elementary   (Grades K-4) 
   Greg Loomis, Principal     Phone: 509-884-0557


  Kenroy Elementary   (Grades K-4)
 Kristy Daley, Principal    Phone: 509-884-1443

  Lee Elementary   (Grades K-4)
Jamea Connor, Principal    Phone:  509-884-1497


  Rock Island Elementary   (Grades K-4)
Penny Brown, Principal   Phone:  509-884-5023 

  Sterling School   (Grades 1-7)
Chris Hall, Principal    Phone:  509-884-7115

 Secondary Schools

  Clovis Point Intermediate School   (Grades 5-7)
  Bob Celebrezze, Principal   Phone: 509-888-1400


  Sterling School   (Grades K-7)
Chris Hall, Principal    Phone: 509-884-7115

  Eastmont Junior High School   (Grades 8-9)
Amy Dorey, Principal    Phone: 509-884-2407


  Eastmont High School   (Grades 10-12)
Lance Noell, Principal   Phone: 509-884-6665 


  Wee Wildcats Preschool   (Ages 3-5)  at Eastmont High School
  David Woods, Preschool Administrator   Phone: 509-884-7169