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about 1 month ago

The mission of Eastmont School District is to maximize the potential of all students by:

  1. Providing a safe and secure learning environment for students and staff.
  2. Ensuring students develop and demonstrate academic excellence.
  3. Developing partnerships with students, parents, staff and community.

The District Strategic Improvement Plan contains the following two statements that guide the management of fiscal operations for Eastmont School District:
  • Belief Statement #9: Sound fiscal management is essential to District operations.
  • Policy Goal #6000B-Management Support: Maintain a financially healthy district that demonstrates the responsible use of public funds.

Our Purpose

The purpose of our department is to provide oversight of financial activities such as accounting and financial reporting; budgeting and long range financial planning; accounts payable; cashiering and accounts receivable; and asset management.


over 3 years ago

Eastmont School District uses the Public Surplus website to surplus the majority of all surplus items. All of our items, including computers and vehicles, go through this website. All sales go to the highest bidder. Generally most items are out on the website for 2 - 3 weeks.

 Keep checking our Current Listings!!


over 3 years ago

General Resources

Small Works Roster - Municipal Research and Services Center
On-line Payment for School Breakfast/Lunch Program
On-line Payment for School Fees/Fines

Links to Other Financial Resources about Schools

OSPI - School Financial and Apportionment Services
State of Washington - Office of Financial Management
Governor's Web Page - Budget Information
Legislature's Web Page - Budget Information
Douglas County Assessor's Web Page

Employee Resources

Prior Approval for Travel - Excel Document   PDF Document
Travel Advance Request - Excel Document   PDF Document
Travel Reimbursement Form - Excel Document   PDF Document
Per Diem Rate Map
Miscellaneous Reimbursement Form