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Admin & School Contact Information

 District Administration Office
 800 Eastmont Avenue
 East Wenatchee, WA 98802    
 Hours:  7:30 - 4:30 on 
 Monday - Friday
 (509) 884-7169  
 fax (509) 884-4210

  Dr. Garn Christensen     Phone: 509-884-7169
  email:  [email protected]

  Superintendent's Executive  Secretary
  Brandy Fields     Phone: 509-884-7169
  email:  [email protected]

  Executive Director of Elementary Education

  Spencer Taylor      Phone: 509-884-7169 
  email:  [email protected]


  Asst Superintendent/Exec Director of Secondary Education  
  David Woods     Phone: 509-884-7169 
  email:  [email protected] 


  Executive Director of Financial Services 
  Cindy Ulrich     Phone: 509-884-7169
  email:  [email protected]


  Executive Director of Human Resources and Title IX Officer 
  Vicki Trainor   Phone: 509-884-7169
  email:  [email protected]

 District Departments

  Food Service  
  Suzy Howard, Director   Phone: 509-884-3026
  email:  [email protected]
  Food Services Website 


  Maintenance Department 
  Seann Tanner, Director    Phone: 509-884-6970
  email:  [email protected]
  Maintenance Website 


  Special Education  
  David Woods, Director   Phone: 509-884-7169
  email:  [email protected]
  Special Education Website


  Technology Department 
  Doug Clay, Director   Phone: 509-884-6503
  email:  [email protected]
  Technology Website


  Transportation Department  
  Troy Lucas, Director   Phone: 509-884-4621
  email:  [email protected]
  Transportation Website

  Elementary Schools

  Cascade Elementary   (Grades K-4)  
  Kim Browning, Principal   Phone: 509-884-0523
  email:  [email protected]
  Cascade Website

  Grant Elementary   (Grades K-4) 
  Greg Loomis, Principal     Phone: 509-884-0557
  email:  [email protected]
  Grant Website


  Kenroy Elementary   (Grades K-4)
   Kristy Daley, Principal    Phone: 509-884-1443
   email:  [email protected]
   Kenroy Website

   Lee Elementary   (Grades K-4)
   Jamea Connor, Principal    Phone:  509-884-1497
   email:  [email protected]
   Lee Website


   Rock Island Elementary   (Grades K-4)
   Penny Brown, Principal   Phone:  509-884-5023
   email:  [email protected]
   Rock Island Website 

   Sterling School   (Grades 1-7)
   Chris Hall, Principal    Phone:  509-884-7115
   email:  [email protected]
   Sterling Website

  Secondary Schools

  Clovis Point Intermediate School   (Grades 5-7)
  Bob Celebrezze, Principal   Phone: 509-888-1400
  email:  [email protected]
  Clovis Point Website


  Sterling School   (Grades K-7)
  Chris Hall, Principal    Phone: 509-884-7115
  email:  [email protected]
  Sterling Website

  Eastmont Junior High School   (Grades 8-9)
  Amy Dorey, Principal    Phone: 509-884-2407
  email:  [email protected]
  Junior High Website


  Eastmont High School   (Grades 10-12)
  Lance Noell, Principal   Phone: 509-884-6665
  email:  [email protected] 
  EHS Website


  Wee Wildcats Preschool   (Ages 3-5)  at Eastmont High School
  David Woods, Preschool Administrator   Phone: 509-884-7169
  email: [email protected]
  Wee Wildcats Website 

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