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Curriculum and Instruction

over 2 years ago

Spencer Taylor
Executive Director of Elementary Education

David Woods
Assistant Superintendent/Executive Director of Secondary Education
Penny Brown
Assessment Coordinator

The purpose of the Curriculum Department is to ensure our teachers and students have the resources they need to maximize their potential. Quality instruction requires a strong foundation in the areas of curriculum, assessment, professional development and a system of supports for student behavior and academics. 
The Eastmont Curriculum Department includes curriculum, assessment, professional development, highly capable, and Choice. We help in the selection of textbooks and adoptions, aligning curriculum with our state standards, coordinating state and district testing, and addressing parent questions and concerns about curricular materials.
Student learning is at the center of all we do in the Eastmont School District. Our schools offer a wide range of learning opportunities for our students. Our teachers are committed to having all students engaged in challenging and rigorous content. By working together, we can maximize the potential of all our students.
Quality Education – A Community Commitment