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Vendor Allergen Information

In order to ensure that Eastmont School District Food Service Department is aware of your child’s particular dietary restrictions, such as food allegories or diabetes, the parent or guardian will need to complete the “Diet Prescription for Meals at School” form.  This form is required to be signed by a Physician and must be submitted to the School Nurse.

The Eastmont School District provides milk and water at all meal service times.  If your child is lactose intolerant, an alternative drink must be supplied by the family.  The Eastmont School District does not provide milk substitutions.  

Allergen Information:

Eastmont School District contracts with Sodexo America, LLC for Food Service Management.  We have partnered to provide the following information in order to assist parents that have children with special dietary needs.  

If you have a child with special dietary needs, please contact your school nurse.  The school nurse will collect the required information on “Diet Prescription for Meals at School” Form.  The completed form with be shared with the Director of Food Service, who will work with your child’s school to ensure required meal modifications are accommodated

If you have questions regarding a specific menu item, please feel free to contact the Director of Food Services at (509) 884-3026. 

Sodexo Food Allergen Policy – Link to Sodexo policy outlining actions taken by every food operation to reduce or prevent possibility of allergic reactions to foods prepared and served by Sodexo staff.

USDA Allergy Fact Sheets – Link Food Allergy Information

USDA Commodity Supplemental Program – Link to USDA fact sheets for foods supplied through the Commodity Supplemental Food Programs (CSFP).  Each fact sheet provides information about the USDA product, packaging and nutrition facts.  Eastmont School District may not utilize all of these products.  Please refer specific food questions to the Director of Food Service.

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