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(November 2017 Newsletter) Cascade Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

By Nhan Pham

CASCADE – At Cascade Elementary School, students actively participate in social-emotional learning (SEL). Simply put, SEL is a method for staff members to make sure students are emotionally OK. Every school day, classrooms at Cascade do an SEL activity. 

Each classroom does their respective SEL segment differently depending on the teacher. Generally speaking, this activity entails a “meeting” that takes place at some point. 

For instance, students can circle up and discuss their feelings. Students may write in journals where their teacher can read them and write back to them. SEL aims to promote a positive culture, said Cascade Principal Kim Browning. In addition, it helps students become mindful of one another’s feelings in the classroom. 

“We feel really good about SEL,” she said. “It’s about looking at the whole child as an individual as much as possible.” 

Because every student is different, some students may require more attention than others. Thanks to SEL, staff members can immediately see which child could use a helping hand. SEL lets students address their emotional needs. Ultimately, Browning said SEL is another way for Cascade staff members to show they care. 

The SEL process naturally allows students to share any and all concerns going on in their lives. 

“Counselors and teachers are so involved,” she said. “It’s our way of getting everything out in the open - and always showing the students that we care for them and support them.”
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