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Superintendent & School Board News


12/15/17 - Bus Incident 

At approximately 4:15 pm on December 14th, an Eastmont bus had finished unloading students at a stop on Highway 28 when a young man approached the bus. He boarded the bus, was distraught and did not appear well. He asked the driver to take him to Quincy. The driver told the man it was not a public bus and twice asked him to get off the bus. The young man would not get off and went to the back of the bus where he sat quietly. 

The driver notified our transportation supervisor of what had happened and proceeded to Clovis Intermediate School where he was met by law enforcement. Officers escorted the young man from the bus and had him transported to the hospital. No students or employees were threatened or injured during the incident. 


Aproximadamente a las 4:15 pm el 14 de diciembre, un autobús de Eastmont había terminado de descargar a los estudiantes en una parada de la Autopista 28 cuando un joven se acercó al autobús. Abordó el autobús, estaba angustiado y no parecía estar bien. Le pidió al conductor que lo llevara a Quincy. El conductor le dijo al joven que no era un autobús público y le pidió dos veces que se bajara del autobús. El joven no quiso bajar y se fue a la parte trasera del autobús donde se sentó en silencio.

El conductor notificó a nuestro supervisor de transporte de lo sucedido y se dirigió a la Escuela Intermedia Clovis donde fue recibido por la policía. Los oficiales escoltaron al joven del autobús y lo transportaron al hospital. Ningún estudiante ni empleado fue amenazado o herido durante el incidente. 



A strategy to improve services to parents and employees is to conduct annual surveys of employees, parents, and students. One outcome from this year's survey results is to do a better job providing information on District activities. To do this, we will continue using text messages for emergency drills, social media for building and program activities, our quarterly newsletter for District activities, and this news web page to share updates on current projects and new releases. 

- Superintendent Garn Christensen

Current issues that will have ongoing updates include

  • November 6, 2018, ballot item for Eastmont voters to determine if the name of Robert E. Lee Elementary School is changed  
  • Construction of new school bus storage and repair facility 
  • Construction of 20 new classrooms and 4 new cafeterias
  • Improvement of ADA access to campus facilities
  • Schedule for implementing reconfiguration of Eastmont Schools to K-6 neighborhood elementary schools, two grade 7 - 9 junior high schools, and one grade 10 - 12 high school



After almost a year of study, input, and discussion, the Eastmont Board of Directors approved the future configuration for schools. Over the next 5 years we will transition to the following: 

Cascade K - 6

Grant K - 6

Kenroy K - 6

Lee K - 6

Rock Island K - 6

Clovis K - 6

Sterling 7, 8, 9

Junior High 7, 8, 9

High School 10 - 12

This change will require the construction of over 20 additional classrooms at current schools and cafeterias at Cascade, Kenroy, Lee, and Rock Island.  Configuration changes may start in 2018-19, but will not be completed until 2020-21. Funds for these additions will come from the $10,000,000 K-3 class size reduction grant and the 2018 capital levy.  Information on timeline and moves will be included in employee and community newsletters. These changes will also require an update of student attendance areas. 

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