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2000 Policy Series - Instruction

2000 Policy Series




Program Development and Resources

  2000  Student Learning Goals

  2004  Accountability Goals

  2005  School Improvement Plans

  2020  Curriculum Development and Adoption of Instructional Materials

                    2020-P  Superintendent Procedure

                 2020-F1 Request for Learning Materials Approval

                 2020-F2 Classroom Movie/Video Permission Form

                 2020-F3 Video/Film Parent Permission Form

                 2020-F4 Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Materials

  2021  Library Information and Technology Programs

                 2021-P  Superintendent Procedure

  2022  Electronic Resources

                 2022-P  Superintendent Procedure

                 2022-F1 Staff ESDN Release Form

                 2022-F2 Parent Release and Student Use Form (K-4)

                 2022-F2 Parent Release and Student Use Form (K-4) Spanish

                 2022-F3 Parent Release Form (Grades 5-12)

                 2022-F3 Parent Release Form (Grades 5-12) Spanish

                 2022-F4 Student Use Form (Grades 5-12)

                 Form - Staff ID/Key Card Request Form

                 Form - Electronic Responsibility & Classroom Procedures

  2024  Online Learning

                  2024-P Superintendent Procedure

  2025  Copyright Compliance

                 2025-P  Superintendent Procedure

  2029  Animals as Part of the Instructional Program

                 2029-P  Superintendent Procedure

  2030  Service Animals in Schools

                 2030-P  Superintendent Procedure

  2090  Program Evaluation


Learning Programs and Supports

  2100  Educational Opportunities for Military Children

  2104  Federal and/or State Funded Special Instructional Programs

  2106  Program Compliance

  2108  Learning Assistance Program

  2110  Transitional Bilingual Instruction Program

                 2110-P  Superintendent Procedure

  2122  Curriculum Guides

  2125  Sexual Health Education

                 2125-P  Superintendent Procedure

  2126  HIV/AIDS Prevention Education

  2133  Diversity-Multicultural Education

  2140  Guidance and Counseling

                 2140-P  Superintendent Procedure

  2145  Suicide Prevention

                 2145-P  Superintendent Procedure

                 Appendix A:   Crisis Prevention and Response Guide

                 Appendix B:   Information and Resource Guide

  2150  Co-Curricular Program

                 2150-P  Superintendent Procedure

  2151  Interscholastic Activities

                 2151-F  Transportation to Off Campus Activities & Events

  2153  Noncurriculum-Related Student Groups

                 2153-P  Superintendent Procedure

  2161  Special Education and Related Services for Eligible Students

                 2161-P  Superintendent Procedure

  2162  Education of Students with Disabilities Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation
             Act of 1973

                 2162-P  Superintendent Procedure

  2163  Response to Intervention

  2165  Home or Hospital Instruction

                 2165-P  Superintendent Procedure

  2170  Career and Technical Education

                 2170-P  Superintendent Procedure

  2190  Highly Capable Programs

                 2190-P  Superintendent Procedure

                 2190-F  Highly Capable Program Nomination Form


School Organization

  2220  School Calendar

  2221  School Closure

  2255  Alternative Learning Experience Programs

                 2255-P  Superintendent Procedure


Program Supplements

  2320  Field Trips

                 2320-P  Superintendent Procedure

                 2320-F1  Overnight and/or Out-of-State Field Trip Checklist & Request for
                                  School Board Approval

                 2320-F2  Field Trip - Student Permission to Participate/Assumption of Risk

                 2320-F2  Field Trip - Student Permission to Participate/Assumption of Risk

                 2320-F3  Request to Use Private Vehicle

                 2320-F4  Reciprocal Chaperoning Agreement for Overnight Travel

                 2320-F5a  Request by a District Employee for Permission to Arrange a
                                    Privately Sponsored Student Excursion

                 2320-F5b  Parent/Guardian Informed Consent for a Privately Sponsored
                                    Student Excursion

  2333  Flag Exercises

  2336  Required Observances (Veterans Day, Constitution Day, Temperance & Good
             Citizenship Day, and Disability History Month)

                 2336-P  Superintendent Procedure

  2340  Religious-Related Activities and Practices

  2345  Commencement and Baccalaureate Exercises


Requirements and Assessments

  2410  High School Graduation Requirements

                 2410-P  Superintendent Procedure

  2411  Certificate of Educational Competency

  2412  Diplomas for Veterans

  2414  Community Service

  2420  Grading and Progress Reports

  2421  Retention and Acceleration

                 2421-P  Superintendent Procedure

                 2421-F1  Request for Retention or Acceleration Form

                 2421-F2  Student Retention Review and Intervention Plan

                 2421-F3  Student Acceleration Review

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