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5000 Policy Series - Personnel

5000 Series


Recruitment and Personnel Selection

   5000  Recruitment and Selection of Staff

   5001  Hiring of Retired School Employees

   5003  Sexual Harassment of District Staff Prohibited

                 5003-P  Superintendent Procedure

   5005  Employment: Disclosures, Certification Requirements, Assurances, & Approval

                 5005-P  Superintendent Procedure

   5006  Certification Revocation

   5010  Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action

                 5010-P  Superintendent Procedure

   5020  Collective Bargaining

   5021  Applicability of Personnel Policies

   5050  Contracts

   5130  Staff Immunization and Infectious Disease

                 5130-P  Superintendent Procedure

   5146  VEBA III


Employment Practices       

   5201  Drug-Free Schools, Community, and Workplace

   5202  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Mandated Drug & Alcohol Testing

                 5202-P  Superintendent Procedure

   5222  Job-Sharing Staff Members

   5231  Length of Work Day

   5240  Evaluation of Staff

   5250  Recognition of Staff – Awards and Incentives

                 5250-P  Superintendent Procedure

   5251  Conflicts of Interest

   5252  Staff Participation in Political Activities

   5253  Maintaining Professional Staff/Student Boundaries

                 5253-P  Superintendent Procedure

   5260  Personnel Records

                 5260-P  Superintendent Procedure


Recruitment and Personnel Selection

   5270  Resolution of Staff Complaints

                 5270-P  Superintendent Procedure

   5271  Reporting Improper Governmental Action (Whistleblower Protection)

                 5271-P  Superintendent Procedure

   5280  Separation of Employment

   5281  Disciplinary Action and Discharge

   5290  Job Abandonment

   5315  Garnishment and Personal Credit Problems

                 5315-P  Superintendent Procedure



   5400  Personnel Leaves

                 5400-P  Superintendent Procedure

   5401  Sick Leave

   5402  Maternity Leave

   5403  Discretionary Leaves

   5404  Family Leave

   5406  Leave Sharing

                 5406-P  Superintendent Procedure

   5407  Military Leave

   5408  Jury Duty and Subpoena Leave

   5409  Unpaid Holidays for Reason of Faith or Conscience


Auxiliary Personnel          

   5610  Substitute Employment

   5630  Volunteers

                 5630-P  Superintendent Procedure

                 5630-F  Forms – English & Spanish

   5641  Student Teachers

                 5641-P  Superintendent Procedure

   5642  Internships

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