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Policy Series

1000 Series Board of Directors - Table of Contents 


1000    Legal Status and Operation

1005    Key Functions of the Board

1010    The Mission of the Board

1011    Code of Ethics



1105      Director Districts

1105-P  Procedure

1110      Election

1110-P  Procedure

1111      Oath of Office

1111-F   Oath of Office Form

1112      Director Orientation

1113      Board Member Residency

1114      Board Member Resignation and Vacancy

1114-P   Procedure


Board Organization

1210                    Annual Organizational Meeting, Election of Officers

1220                    Board Officers and Duties of Board Members

1225                    Board Student Liaison

1225-F           Application for Board Student Liaison

1240                    Committees


Methods of Governance

1310                    Policy Adoption, Manuals, and Administrative Procedures

1320                    Suspension of a Policy

1330                    Administration in the Absence of Policy or Procedure



1400                    Meetings, Public Notice, Quorum, Meeting Conduct, Order of Business, and Public Comment

1410                    Executive or Closed Sessions

1410-F           Checklist

1410-P           Sequence

1420                    Proposed Agenda and Consent Agenda

1440                    Minutes

1450                    Absence of a Board Member


Principles of Operation

1601                    Board Endorsements

1610                    Conflicts of Interest

1620                    The Board-Superintendent Relationship

1620-P           Procedure

1630                    Evaluation of the Superintendent

1630-P           Procedure

1630-F           Evaluation Form


Board Member Benefits

1731                    Board Member Expenses

1731-P           Procedure

1732                    Board Member Insurance

1733                    Board Member Compensation

1733-P           Procedure

1733-F           Board Member Compensation Waiver Form


Board Development

1805                    Open Government Trainings

1810                    Annual Governance Goals and Objectives

1810-P           Procedure

1820                    Board Self-Assessment

1820-P           Procedure

1820-F1         Form Self-Assessment

1820-F2         Form Self-Evaluation

1822                    Training and Development for Board Members

1830                    Participation in School Boards’ Association


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