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Special Programs Staff

about 1 year ago

Spencer Taylor
Executive Director of Elementary Education (K-4)
Director of Title I and LAP
(509) 884-7169
[email protected]      

David Woods
Assistant Superintendent, Secondary Education (5-12)
Director of Migrant and Bilingual Programs                       
(509) 884-7169                                                 
[email protected]         

Sally Olinger
Special Programs Coordinator
(509) 888-4732
[email protected]

Lori King
Special Programs/Special Education Secretary
(509) 888-4734  
[email protected]

Guadalupe Carpio                                                
Migrant Recruiter                                                 
(509) 888-4730
[email protected]

Nan Cuevas
Bilingual Specialist
Migrant Records Clerk

McKinney-Vento Liaison
(509) 888-4735
[email protected]

Mayra Navarro
Migrant /Bilingual Coordinator
(509) 888-4731
[email protected]

Vidal Hurtado                                                             
Migrant/Bilingual Student Advocate                  
Eastmont High School                                         
(509) 888-1288   
[email protected]

Lisa Flores
PASS Coordinator
Migrant Graduation Specialist
Eastmont High School (509) 888-2551                                                                                      
Cell (509) 470-4615
[email protected]

Yvonne Rojas
Migrant Graduation Specialist
Eastmont Junior High School                                                                                     


Title Ia - Improving Basic Programs

about 1 year ago

Overview of Tittle I, Part A

Title I, Part A is a federal program that provides financial support to schools to help disadvantaged and low performing students so that all children meet challenging state academic standards.  Eastmont follows the Schoolwide process giving our seven funded schools flexibility to serve all students who demonstrate a need for support.  Our schools that receive Title Ia funds are:  Cascade Elementary, Grant Elementary, Kenroy Elementary, Lee Elementary, Rock Island Elementary, Clovis Point Intermediate, and Sterling K-7.

What is Title I?  (Spanish)

Parent Involvement

We know that family involvement in a child’s education is a greater predictor of academic success than whether or not that family is affluent or poor. It is also evident that students whose families take an active interest in their school life are more likely to attend school regularly, pass their classes, enroll in higher-level programs, and go on to higher education or a technical career.

School-Parent Compact: The Compact is an annual agreement between the parent, student, and school regarding the joint responsibilities in helping each student find success.  These documents are completed during Parent Conferences.

District Parent Involvement Policy #4130:  This policy guides how our district will involve parents in the education of their students.  This policy is reviewed each year with parents and updated as needed.  If you would like to provide input into the revision of this policy, please contact the Special Programs office and/or be watching for information about a way to get involved. 

Parents Right to to be Informed (Spanish):  Parents of children in schools that receive Title I, Part A funding have the right to request and receive information about the professional qualifications of teachers and instructional paraprofessionals in their building.  

District and School Report Card

The District and School Report Card provides the following information on public schools and districts in Washington State:  Student Achievement, Student Demographics, and Staff information.  For more information, please visit:

Have a Complaint?

Any individual or organization may file a signed, written complaint if it believes the state, a local school district, an educational service district, or other sub-grantee has violated one or more requirements of federal statutes or regulations or state regulations that apply to a federal program.  For more information, please visit:

Public School Choice and SES Data

LAP (Learning Assistance Program)

over 3 years ago

The Learning Assistance Program is supplemental to basic education funding.   LAP funds are used in addition to basic education funds to accelerate the learning for students who are significantly behind their peers in math and/or reading as well as to help 11th and 12th grade students who are credit deficient.

Staff LAP Resources