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Eastmont Bilingual Education Staff

6 months ago

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Our District model: 

Across our district, we have the following staff members at each school site...

1. The English Language (EL) Teachers  

2. Migrant/Bilingual Achievement Specialist 

Each School has committed and trained staff members that are open to answering any questions. 

Please see each school site for additional information on staff names. 

Bilingual Education Students *Educación bilingüe*  

4 months ago

As a district, we are committed to providing language development while honoring the student's primary language.  

*En nuestro distrito estamos cometidos para proveer una educación en la que honramos el primer lenguaje de los estudiantes mientras proveamos desarrollo en el idioma de inglés. *


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English Language Learners (ELL)  

All Bilingual students have access to language development services by Certified EL Teachers as well as support by Migrant/Bilingual Achievement Specialist. 

Students also receive support from CORE classroom teachers using GLAD strategies and best practices. 

 Testimonial from 4th grade transitioned EL student.  

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Learn English

about 1 year ago

There are many resources available to support English language development for students and families.

LIteracy council

630 S. Chelan Avenue

Free tutor-led classes with variable schedule, plus citizenship.

Clases gratis con tutores y clases de ciudadania.

English classes @ First United methodist church

Corner of Miller and Washington Streets
509-670-8436 (Shirley Tucker)

Tuesday & Thursday 6-8:00 pm, free childcare, 2 class levels, free classes

Martes y Jueves 6-8:00pm, Gratis clases, con ciudado de los ninos

North Central REGIONAL Library

310 Douglas Street

Register for a free library card to access language learning program - Rosetta Stone.

ELPA 21 Assessment/ Exam de Lenguaje ELPA21

4 months ago

ELPA21 Assessment

-Every year students take this assessment to measure language proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, listening and comprehension in English. 

-Questions please see your school EL Teacher. 

Spanish Family Guide to ELPA21- Guia de informacion para examen ELPA21

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OSPI State Bilingual Program Information

about 1 year ago

By Annie Douglas

For more information from Washington State's Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, visit this link  Migrant and Bilingual Education.  

Information for Parents and Educators:

Learning English in Washington Schools (Spanish)

Learning English in Washington Schools 

English Language Proficiency Standards K-5

English Language Proficiency Standards 6-8

English Language Proficiency Standards 9-12

Project G.L.A.D. (R)

about 1 year ago

Imagine Learning Language & Literacy

6 months ago

Students in Eastmont's Bilingual Programs use a language learning program called - 

Imagine Learning Language and Literacy.

Los estudiantes de nuestro distrito aprenden inglés por medio del programa de lenguaje llamado- Imagina Aprender con Lenguaje y literatura. 

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Imagine Learning- Click here (Oprima aquí) 

They may use this program at home.  Click the link and enter student credentials.  Students login using their ID number as their login AND password.  Site code: 5302310 Questions please contact your school EL teacher. 

El programa de lenguaje se puede utilizar en casa. Oprimir arriba y usar el número del estudiante y contraseña. Código de Distrito es: 5302310  Si tiene preguntas favor de contactar a su maestra Bilingüe. 

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