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Special Programs Staff

Spencer Taylor
Executive Director of Elementary Education (K-4)
Director of Title I and LAP
(509) 884-7169      

David Woods
Assistant Superintendent, Secondary Education (5-12)
Director of Migrant and Bilingual Programs                       
(509) 884-7169                                                 

Sally Olinger
Special Programs Coordinator
(509) 888-4732

Lori King
Special Programs/Special Education Secretary
(509) 888-4734

Guadalupe Carpio                                                
Migrant Recruiter                                                 
(509) 888-4730

Nan Cuevas
Bilingual Specialist
Migrant Records Clerk

McKinney-Vento Liaison
(509) 888-4735

Mayra Navarro
Migrant /Bilingual Coordinator
(509) 888-4731

Vidal Hurtado                                                             
Migrant/Bilingual Student Advocate                  
Eastmont High School                                         
(509) 888-1288

Lisa Flores
PASS Coordinator
Migrant Graduation Specialist
Eastmont High School (509) 888-2551                                                                                      
Cell (509) 470-4615

Yvonne Rojas
Migrant Graduation Specialist
Eastmont Junior High School                                                                            


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