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Kindergarten/First Grade STEM Tower Building Challenge
Second Grade STEM Egg Drop Challenge
Fourth Grade STEM Rube Goldberg Machine Challenge


over 2 years ago

Goals:  Provide opportunities for ALL students to experience STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) activities.  

  • Learn STEM concepts while designing devices to compete in grade level competitions.
  • Develop an excitement for STEM activities and careers. 

Thank you to for supporting STEM at Eastmont!


 Kindergarten – First Grade Tower Building:  Students work in teams to build the tallest free standing tower using only straws and masking tape.  The tallest tower after 30 minutes of building wins.  District Record (2015):  77 inches - Lee Elementary School (Team - Monkeys:  Isaiah, Madilynne, Olivia, Kyren)

Second Grade – Egg Drop:  Students work in teams to design and build a device made of recycled paper and plastic products to protect a raw egg from a freefall.  Packaging items may not be used (Styrofoam,  bubble wrap etc… )  Device must fit in a 20 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm cube. Coaches will transport completed devices to the competition. Devices are dropped from heights of approximately 2 meters, 5 meters, 8 meters and 10 meters.  If possible the scissor lift will be brought in for a drop from the rafters.  In the event of a tie the lightest device wins.  2015 Video.

Third Grade – Windmills:  Students work in teams to design and build a windmill.  The windmill will be built from a milk or juice carton the focus of the program is to design the best blade system.  The team that designs the windmill that can lift the most weight wins. Coaches will transport the windmills to the competition.  In the event of a tie, a tie breaker using finer increments of weight will be held (This is a new project and the contest may be slightly modified).

Fourth Grade – Recycled Vehicles:  
Students work in teams to design and build a vehicle made solely of recycled materials (paper and plastic) that will roll the furthest distance when released from the top of a ramp that makes a 30 with the ground.  Each vehicle must have a body, axel and wheels and fit in a paper box.  CD’s cannot be used for wheels. The only fastener is Duct Tape. Coaches will transport completed vehicles to the competition.

Fifth Grade – K’nex Cars:  Students work in teams to design and build a K’nex vehicles to perform a series of challenges: climbing a hill, drag racer, parade float, quarry vehicle. The night of the competition one of the challenges is drawn and teams have 30 minutes to design and build a vehicle to perform the task.  Students also have a cost analysis for their vehicle.  In the event of tie the vehicle of the lowest cost wins.

Sixth Grade – Catapults:  Students work in teams to design and build catapults that will perform different tasks: launching a projectile the furthest distance, clearing a wall, or hitting a target or a combination of them.  Students will also have a cost analysis for their catapults.  Students will be given 30 minutes to build their catapult to perform in the assigned challenge. In the event of tie, the catapult with the lowest cost wins.

Seventh Grade – Robotics:  Students work in teams to design and build robots to perform a series of tasks.  The last two years we have not been able to get enough students to run this program.  Students are involved in athletic events after school.  We will be reevaluating what we can do so that seventh grade students can be involved in this program.  Possibly, a more independent program where students check in with coaches at convenient times. 


Secondary STEM Activities


Sports Medicine

WCTSMA (Washington Career & Tech. Sports Medicine Assc.) Competition

National Sports Medicine Competition (if qualified at state level)




Business Calculations

Business Math

Computer Game Simulation & Programming

Computer Problem Solving

Cyber Security

Desktop Application Programming

Digital Video Production

Intro to Information Technology

Microsoft Office Specialist: WORD/EXCEL

Networking Concepts

Network Design

Mobile App Development

Website Design



Apple Judging

Ag Technology and Mechanical Systems

Creed Speaking

Dairy Cattle Evaluation & Management

Extemporaneous Public Speaking

Farm Business Management


Horse Evaluation

Livestock Evaluation

Marketing Plan

Meats Evaluation & Technology

Nursery / Landscape

Parliamentary Procedures

Poultry Evaluation

Prepared Public Speaking

Veterinary Science



Architectural Drafting

Cabinet Making


CNC Milling Specialist

CNC Technician

CNC Turning Specialist

Engineering Technology/Design

Technical Drafting


Welding Fabrication

Welding Art/Sculpture



Knowledge Bowl

Culinary Food Art

Fashion Sketch, Design & Construction

Early Childhood Education

Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation