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SchoolBlocks Basics

9 months ago

Temporary web address:

Re-size the screen to meet any size device


  1. Click on the Login button in the top right of the screen.
  2. Click on the Google.
  3. Select your account.

Moving Blocks

Place your mouse over one of the blocks then find the icon that looks a bit like a compass with 4 arrows-the move tool.  Hold the button on your mouse to move and drag the block to the desired location.  You’ll see the page reorganize as you move the block.

Resizing Blocks

Place your mouse in the bottom right corner of the block to find a small black arrow and click and drag-the resize tool.  Now, when you have a special announcement, just make it bigger.  We call it natural content management since it feels so natural!

Adding Blocks

On the bottom right area of your screen, click “Admin” then “Add Block.”  Here you’ll see a menu of all the available block types.



Use Google, Microsoft and Apple calendars

Event blocks are used to display events in list form


Central repository of all website content.

Sections are alphabetized, easily filtered and searchable

Any section can also be included on other pages.

Sections can be setup to have a unique set of administrators.

Departments (& Groups)

Departments: district-level

Groups: school-level

Both can have their own public and/or private grid. For example, individual after-school activities, athletics and clubs can have a public facing grid (i.e. webpage) or a private grid to communicate and share amongst themselves.


SchoolBlocks offers a unique and powerful personalized search system. By “personalized” we mean that each user will have custom search results.


Locking Blocks (keep them from moving)

To lock a block, first, move and resize a block to a desired location. Then, click on the lock icon in the top right. Locking a block will prevent the block from moving when other blocks are rearranged nearby. When a block is locked, the little lock icon will display as locked or closed. Only users with administration or edit rights may unlock locked blocks.


Message block:

A message block is a simple way to add a quick note to a webpage.


Page block:

A page is a normal webpage where you can add all kinds of content. The block preview to the right shows a snapshot of the content on the page. If there are any images on the page, the first one is displayed in the preview.


Events block:

An event block is a list of all events on a specific calendar. Paste the URL of the calendar file (ends in ' .ics') in the URL field.


Files block:

A shared file block can display a single file or all of the files and folders inside of a public folder on Google Drive. Paste the URL of the file or folder in the URL filed.


Links block:

The links block enables you to organize links to other sites with ease. Use the buttons to add/remove links or folders. Drag and drop the links to reorder them.


HTML block:

An HTML block allows you to add HTML (including iFrame embed code) to your grid. Copy and paste or write your own HTML!


Video block:

SchoolBlocks supports videos from the following websites: The Cube, Facebook, Google Drive, MyVRSpot, SchoolTube, Techsmith Relay, Vimeo, and YouTube. Simply paste the video's URL in the space provided.


Poll block:

The poll allows you to ask a question of your visitors


News block:

News blocks are filled with content found within a section, department, or group. Editing the section, department, or group will cause the News block to update. To create the block, simply select the section, department, or group that holds the content.


Social Feed block:

Copy and Paste the URL of the Social Media feed you would like to include. 


Fun block:

The first 'fun' block we've built is a window into the weather. Enter your location (city, state) and watch it work!


Staff member block:

Staff blocks provide a convenient way to list all staff members that are part of the current department. They are listed in alphabetical order by last name. Optionally, you can also list their job title after their name.

Links Block
The links block enables you to organize links to other sites. Use the buttons to add/remove links or folders. Drag and drop the links to reorder them.
Video Block
Add a video to your grid. SchoolBlocks support most video formats.