Eastmont School District recognizes that our school facilities are valuable assets in our community and we are committed to making them available to the public for outside use. School and resident community youth events are priority use. Other community and non-resident positive use is encouraged in non-emergency conditions.

Application Process

Requests must be submitted through Master Library Scheduler no later than two weeks prior to the first date of requested use.

  • All requests for use of Eastmont Athletic facilities must be processed through Eastmont High School Athletic Directors Office. 
    • Contact Russ Waterman regarding all athletic/outdoor/school commons facilities use.
    • watermanr@eastmont206.org
  • All requests for all other school spaces must be processed through the requested school.
    • Contact Facilties Coordinator at requested school.
Application Periods

Facility Use applications will be accepted according to the calendar below:






  SEPT 1 – NOV 30




  DEC 1 – FEB 28




  MAR 1 – JUNE 15


  MAY 31

Scheduling Priority

The priority levels for scheduling use of school facilities or field use are as follows:

1st priority:

  Eastmont School District (Group 0):

  • Eastmont School District (K-12) classes and programs.
  • Eastmont School District sponsored extra-curricular events (open houses, athletic practices/events, arts and cultural performances, parent meetings, etc.).
  • District sponsored community classes, programs, and activities
2nd priority:

Government and Nonprofit Users that provide services primarily to youth that reside within the boundaries of Eastmont School District (Group 1).

3rd priority: Government and Nonprofit Users that provide services primarily to youth that do not reside within the boundaries of Eastmont School  District (Group 2).
4th priority: Government and Nonprofit Users that provide services primarily to adults (Group 3).
5th priority: Commercial/Profit making organizations and Private Events (Group 4).


  1. Requests must be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the first date of requested use. 
  2. At no time may any Facility User sublet district facilities to a third party.
Payment of Fees and Other Charges
  1. Fees will be invoiced at the end of the event. Due to the complexity of possible charges, the space fees listed at the time of request are estimates only and may not reflect charges that are unique to the type of event.
  2. Payments can be made via credit/debit, check, cash, or money order at any school site or Eastmont Administration Office.  Checks and Money Orders must be made payable to Eastmont School District and can be mailed to: 800 Eastmont Avenue, East Wenatchee, WA 98802.
  3. Cost to the District to repair any damages that occurred during the event will be billed to the user group.
Use Changes & Cancellations
  1. Any regularly scheduled school activity or District sponsored community event shall have priority use of District facilities.  Every attempt will be made to notify the Facility User in advance of schedule conflicts so that events may be rescheduled or relocated.
  2. User cancellations of less than 24 hours prior to an event may be subject to charges for supervision or custodial costs incurred by the District.
Holidays, School Cancellations/Closures

All community use will be cancelled when school is closed for any reason.  Cancellation of use for this reason will not result in charges to the user group.

Facility Scheduling

Eastmont School District is pleased to announce that we have partnered with MasterLibrary Facilities Management to provide a new online facility request and rental system. This new system will allow you to quickly create a user account, view real time availability, get estimated quotes, and easily submit your Facility Use request.

Go To Eastmont Master Library Scheduler