Health Services

Eastmont Health Services Department provides a comprehensive program of services that encompasses prevention, early detection and management of health and safety issues by providing health services, health education and a healthy environment for the students and staff of the Eastmont School District.

Eastmont School District Health Services employs four school nurses. 

Kathleen Robb, RN

Eastmont High School
Wee Wildcat Preschool

Sylvia Renteria, RN                                                                  

Lee Elementary
Sterling Intermediate
Eastmont Jr. High

Ashley Torres, RN

Cascade Elementary
Kenroy Elementary

Phyllis Fries

Clovis Point
Eastmont Jr. High
Grant Elementary
Rock island Elementary   

Please contact your child's school if you would like to talk directly to your child's nurse

The Role of the School Nurse:

  • develop Emergency Care Plans (ECP’s) for students with life-threatening situations (e.g., severe asthma, seizures,  bee stings, nut allergies and diabetics)
  • develop Individual Health Plans (IHP’s) for medically fragile students
  • care for students who become ill or injured at school
  • provide input and training for staff in working with student’s and their individual health needs
  • act as a liaison with families, students and the medical community
  • State mandated screenings for vision and referrals
  • assisting families in accessing medical and dental care
  • closely work with the local public health department in the prevention and management of communicable diseases
Health Forms 1st Aid/CPR Classes  2017/18
Infectious Disease Control Guide Event #47547     10/18/17  -  3:30PM -   7:30PM
Vaccine Requirements Event #47548      10/26/17 -   8:00AM - 12:00PM
Administration of Medication at School Event #47549      10/26/17 -  12:00PM -  4:00PM
Oral Medication Form Event #47550        1/17/18 -    3:30PM -   7:30PM
Diet Prescription for Meals at School   Event #47551        3/09/18  -   8:00AM - 12:00PM
English Event #47553        5/16/18   -  3:30PM  -   7:30PM
Spanish Event #47554        6/19/18  -   3:30PM  -   7:30PM
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Health Forms