Student Registration Information

There are two ways to register new student into the Eastmont School District.


Before you begin the online registration process, please have the following required documents availabe in digital format (which may include a scanned copy or a readable clean photo of the document).

  • Immunization/Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS):  You can get a copy from your health provider.  New to Washington State Residents:  Must provide proof of immunization on the Washington State Certificate of Immunization that is signed by the parent. 
  • Photo ID of the Parent/Guardian registering the student. 
  • Proof of Residency (must have the parent's name and be dated within the past 8 weeks.):  Examples include:  utility or cable bills, mortgage information, renters or homeowner's insurance documents, lease or rental agreements.  If a child has no regular, fixed residence please provide a signed and dated letter with the address identified from the shelter, institution or temporary residence stating that the student resides there. 
  • Legal Name and Proof of Age:  Examples include birth certificate,  passport, visa or an official medical record showing your student's birth date and full legal name.
  • Legal Documents:  Only needed if there are any legal issues regarding your student(s) the district or school should know (for example:  parenting plan, legal custody or a restraining order).

During the online registration process you may save as you go and do not have to complete it all in one sitting.  The completed application, once submitted online will be reviewed by the district for completeness.  It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you complete all documentation within the registration form to ensure that your enrollment process will not be delayed.  If you are missing any of these documents, you will be asked to provide them to complete the enrollment package. 

To Begin Registration Online:  

Instructions for registering online: Instrucciones para registrarse en línea 

  • Current families that have a new student to the district or an incoming kindergartener student can register through Family Access (current student do not need to register each year, only new students).
  • If you are returning within the past two years, please try your Family Access account first.  If that does not work, please register as a new family and create an account to register your student(s). 
  • If you are a new family to the district create an account to register your student(s). 

Need Help?  If you need help with online registration please email:


Registration Forms are available here for printing, at secondary schools, and at the Eastmont Administration Office.

Please click on the RED links below to access the forms

Preschool Registration Form: (Forma en Español para Prescolar)  

Please submit Preschool Registrations to:  Eastmont School District Administration Office, 800 Eastmont Ave, East Wenatchee, WA 98802

Transitional Kindergarten: 

Please use the Elementary (K-6) Registration Form (below) and TK Registration Addendum.

What is Transitional Kindergarten and does my child qualify?

Elementary (K-6) Registration Form: (Forma en Español para Primaria)

Please submit Elementary Registrations to:  Eastmont School District Administration Office, 800 Eastmont Ave, East Wenatchee, WA 98802

Secondary (7-12) Registration Form: (Forma en Español para Secundaria)

Please submit Secondary Registrations (Grades 7-12) to the appropriate school:

  • Sterling Junior High School (Grades 7-9), 600 N James Ave, East Wenatchee, WA 98802
  • Eastmont Junior High School (Grades 7-9), 905 8th St NE, East Wenatchee, WA 98802
  • Eastmont High School (Grades 10-12), 955 3rd St NE, East Wenatchee, WA 98802

Additional Forms: