Pesticide Application Annual Notification Eastmont School District Pest Control Practices

The Eastmont School District Maintenance Dept. will at times through the school year have the need to make applications of pesticides to control weeds and insects on its property and/or buildings. This work will be done by state licensed school district employees, unless conditions necessitate the use of a licensed contractor. In either case, we will follow the Washington State guidelines for applications at public schools.


The application of insecticides will be made using an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, which means that we will only apply if there is an unhealthy outbreak of an insect population, or if there is an emergency application (such as a wasp nest on a playground).


Herbicide applications are pre-scheduled to make applications to weeds when they are the most susceptible to control methods.


Eastmont School District uses a registry system to notify interested parents and employees at least 48 hours prior to pesticide applications.  If you wish to have your name on the registry to receive email or regular mail notification, please respond in writing to Eastmont Maintenance Department, 345-6th St. N.E. Be sure to include your name and contact information.  There will also be a posting on the bulletin board in each school’s office and the district website

Record Keeping:  All pesticide use records are kept by the Eastmont School District Maintenance Dept., including an annual summary of pesticides used.