Student Recognition

Super Cub Slips

When students are caught doing something above and beyond (being a good friend, picking up garbage, helping someone that is hurt, etc.) their behavior is awarded with a "Super Cub Slip".  These are collected in classroom, and on Friday mornings each teacher draws out two slips.  The students drawn will choose a prize! 

At Cascade we are Celebrating Success Everyday!

Recognizing the good in students is an integral part of the culture at Cascade Elementary Our staff seeks ways to give positive praise and recognition to our students.  Below are a few of the ways we recognize students across the whole school.


September    -     Kindness
October         -     Respect
Nov/Dec        -     Tolerance
January         -     Responsibility
February       -      Cooperation
March            -     Trustworthy
April               -     Initiative
May                -     Perseverance

Celebration Assemblies

Four times per year, we will put together Celebration Assemblies to publicly honor our great students.  At these assemblies, we will:
  • Recognize students who were chosen for each monthly habit
  • Recognize entire classes with class awards
  • Celebrate class goals
  • Recognize students for out of school accomplishments