Eastmont Multilingual Education Staff

bilingual kids

Please contact your Multilingual Achievement Specialist via email if you have any questions.

Favor de contactar a su especialista multilingüe si tiene alguna pregunta.

Lee- Luz Alfaro alfarol@eastmont206.org
Rock Island- Brisa Sanchez sanchezb@eastmont206.org
Cascade- Maria Dorsey dorseym@eastmont206.org
Grant- Lizbet Rodriguez rodriguezl@eastmont206.org
Kenroy- Fernando Lara laraf@eastmont206.org
Sterling Junior High- Teresa Mendoza mendozat@eastmont206.org
Clovis- Hector Guzman guzmanh@eastmont206.org
Eastmont Junior High- Gloria Espinoza espinozag@eastmont206.org
Eastmont High Shcool- Yesica Campos camposy@eastmont206.org

Eastmont Junior High- Maribel Mendez mendezm@easmont206.org
Eastmont High Shcool- Vidal Hurtado hurtadov@eastmont206.org

Migrant Bilingual Coordinator- Coordinadora Migrantre y Multilingüe-

Mayra Navarro navarrom@eastmont206.org

Our District model: 

Across our district, we have the following staff members at each school site...

  • The English Language (EL) Teachers  
  • Migrant/Multilingual Achievement Specialist 

Each School has committed and trained staff members that are open to answering any questions. 

Please see each school site for additional information on staff names.