Program Description
Eastmont Academy is an educational option for students in kindergarten through 6th grade. Our mission is to partner with families who are seeking educational resources and guidance as they support their child’s education. Eastmont Academy certificated teachers plan and provide on-site differentiated instruction, and at home curricular guidance for their students. Eastmont Academy students receive a blend of both virtual and in-person learning opportunities through a variety of instructional activities. Eastmont Academy parents/guardians partner with teachers to provide additional support at home. 

Eastmont Academy teachers provide virtual instruction through our Accelerate Education Online Program, with additional support through Google Classroom, Google Meets, and teacher created videos. Eastmont Academy students also come on-site for in-person instruction each week to receive hands-on learning experiences. Our whole-class and small-group meetings provide opportunities for students to engage in collaborative learning.

Eastmont Academy strives to provide additional learning experiences for our students and their families as well. With school outings into the community, we provide opportunities for a well-rounded educational experience as we move our classrooms beyond the school building walls and computer screens.


We are an Alternative Learning Environment (ALE) Program

Eastmont Academy is an Alternative Learning Environment (ALE) program.
As outlined in WAC 392-121-182, Eastmont Academy is a state-funded program.
Parents/Guardians who choose Eastmont Academy need to know their student is enrolling in public education.


Weekly Contact, Written Student Learning Plans, Monthly Reviews, & Intervention Plans
Eastmont Academy students are required to maintain weekly, two-way contact with their certificated teacher for the purpose of instruction, review of assignments, progress monitoring, and/or other learning activities. This weekly instructional contact between the certificated teacher and student will occur in-person and through video conferencing, emailing, telephone, and/or instant messaging. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to participate, but they are not required to attend every meeting. 

Written Student Learning Plans (WSLP) are created by the certificated teacher each week and shared with both the student and the parent/guardian either in person or electronically. For each Eastmont Academy class, the weekly WSLP includes the learning objectives/standards that will be focused on that week, a variety of instructional activities and learning opportunities to assist the student in learning the content, and the instructional resources and materials needed to complete these activities and opportunities.

Student progress is evaluated weekly by their Eastmont Academy certificated teacher. Each month during a Monthly Progress Review (MPR) meeting, student progress is reviewed with the student and parent/guardian. Progress is specifically evaluated against benchmarks which are clearly defined in the WSLP each month. These established progress benchmarks allow the teacher and student to assess the student’s educational progress in meeting standards. If satisfactory progress is determined, the student will continue following the WSLP. If a student is not making satisfactory progress, modifications will be made to the WSLP and an Intervention Plan will be put in place for the following month. Both the student and their parent/guardian are required to attend MPR meetings.

Our mission is to partner with families who are seeking educational resources and guidance as they support their child’s education. 

  • Guided curricular online at home program 
  • Teachers: content-area experts
  • Parents: “site supervisors” for student’s at-home learning
  • Students: develop independence as they work toward individual goals with the support of parents and teachers
  • Flexible learning schedule
  • Weekly in-person collaborative learning opportunities
  • “Out and About in the Community” Activities.
  • School community supporting the progression and achievement of all students