Grant Elementary School

School Schedule Changing on January 19

Beginning Tuesday, January 19 we will be changing from half-day Morning/Afternoon groups to full, alternating days.  

When is drop off and pick-up?
9:20-9:40 Student drop off
9:40 Class Begins
3:10 Students dismissed

What group will my child be in?
If your child currently attends MORNING classes, they will be in Group A.
If they currently attend AFTERNOON classes, they will be in Group B.

What days will my child attend school?
Group A will attend Mondays, Wednesdays and some Fridays 
Group B will attend Tuesdays, Thursdays and some Fridays 

Click here for A/B Day Calendar

What if I also have children at Clovis or Sterling?   How do I make sure they are in the same group?
We are working closely with Clovis and Sterling to help ensure that brothers and sisters are scheduled in the same group.  Please call Clovis (888-1400) or Sterling (884-7115) if you would like to provide that information directly to them.

What if I need to change groups?
Please contact your child's teacher. We will do our very best to accommodate requested changes.

Will there be busses?
Yes. All students who live over one mile from school are eligible to ride the district busses. Bus route information was sent home this morning on Parent Square.

What about lunches?
Students can either bring their lunch from home or have school lunch as usual.

District Letter on Alternating Days - English

District Letter on Alternating Days - Spanish

Please call us if you need additional information.  We know this is difficult and are here to help in any way we can.  

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