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By Abbey Reynolds


What are we working on?  Updated 2022-23 content coming soon!
Sailboats from the 1600s.


Second and Third grade students will take a closer look at the struggle that was part of everyday life in the Plymouth Colony.  Students vicariously experience the hardships of life in the 'New World' as they make decisions and face consequences just as the Pilgrims did over 400 years ago.  By the end of the simulation your students will have a deeper, richer understanding of why the Pilgrims gave thanks.


Fourth grade is participating in a role playing simulation to help improve their knowledge of world geography.  Caravans activities reinforce students' basic geography skills while they travel around the world on the treasure quest as a member of a Caravan.  Students will also use and refine group decision-making skills as they encounter obstacles and opportunities while journeying to cities throughout the world.  During the simulation they will conduct research, create portfolios, produce oral reports, learn about other cultures, read maps, interpret artifacts, and more!

Well known world landmarks
Illustration of items in the forest
Pulling money from the cash register

Kids in the Forest

September through early October

Fifth grade students participated in a mini-unit called Kids in the Forest.  The Cascadia Conservation District provided resources for students to learn about Eastern Washington Forestry management and the relationship to wildfires.  We have an opportunity to attend a field trip at Mission Ridge to learn more!

Math Merchants

October through December

Fifth grade students will transform the classroom into a mini-city.  As buyers and sellers in the city, students will develop number skills and mathematical reasoning as they use money in real-life situations.   They will apply for jobs in the stores and offices then work with partners to design storefronts and catalogs.  They will have an opportunity to work with figuring taxes, insurance, and discounts.  This is an exciting hands-on simulation with real-world experiences.