By Abbey Reynolds


What are we working on?  Updated for 2023-2024
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Exciting New Language Arts Curriculm!

This year our district has adopted a new ELA curriculum called Benchmark Advance.  This curriculum offers an abundance of resources in the form of consumable, hard copy resources for the classroom and online, digital, resources.  For students who are identified as Highly Capable in ELA we will be using the various unit topics and some of the additional resources in this curriculum to ignight our inquiry based learning.  This will help our learning connect back to the classroom and deepen our understanding of the topics learned in the current unit.

One of the wonderful things about this new material is it's crosscurricular focus!  There are units on science, technology, literature, history, etc.


Students who receive highly capable math identification are differentiated for within their math classes.  The Highly Capable Coordinator supports teachers in this.

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Models for Highly Capable Services

From 2022-23 school year onward

Kindergarten through 2nd grade students are served through in class differentiation,curriculum compacting, and/or acceleration by their classroom teacher and supported by the HiCap Coordinator.  

The HiCap Coordinator/Teacher serves all 3rd-6th grade students in the Eastmont School District. The model of service was changed from the previous one location model (in 2021-22) to one of two models depending on the elementary school and grade level as the situation allows. 1.) Students served through a pull-out groups at individual schools meeting, every other week, during Tier 3 intervention time. OR 2.) Students served through a push-in model, to the extension group, every other week, during Tier 3 intervention time.

If you have questions about which model your school or grade level is using please contact the HiCap Coordinator.