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Spring has arrived!

As we start to prepare for warmer weather and get swept up in the busyness that always seems to accompany this time of year, don't forget to take care of your mental health!

For resources, please check out the information on this page! 

Mental Health Care Coordination Service for Eastmont School District

It's okay to ask for help info in English and Spanish

Operation Parent offers free webinars on various topics with past webinar presentations available on YouTube. 

Below are a couple of upcoming webinars that may be of interest:

Vaping and Marijuana: What Parents Must Know
Tue, Apr 25, 2023 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM PDT

Vaping remains a huge problem for teens both at school and at home - not just with nicotine vapes, but also for THC and marijuana products. Join Dr. Aaron Weiner, President of the Society of Addiction Psychology, for an exploration of vaping, including flavor restrictions, federal regulations, and THC products sold at gas stations. Most importantly, learn what you as parents can do to keep your teens healthy and safe.

Behavior Modification: Shaping Youth Behavior
Tue, Mar 14, 2023 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM PDT

Crystal Collier, PhD, herself a person in long-term recovery, is a therapist, researcher, and educator who has been working with adolescents and adults suffering from mental illness, behavioral problems and substance use disorders since 1991. Dr. Collier teaches the neurodevelopmental effects of risky behavior in her book The NeuroWhereAbouts Guide.

Link to register for upcoming FREE webinars is here: 

Operation Parent’s mission is “to love and support parents by providing real-world information, connection, and hope.”  Please check out this website for more information: