What is my child learning?   K-12 Science Learning Standards

What curriculum is being used to teach my child?  Hands on science kits are used to teach science standards.  Below are the kits that we use to teach science.

  • Kindergarten:  Weather and Sky; Living Things and Their Needs; Push, Pull, Go!
  • 1st Grade:  How Can I Send a Message Using Sound; How Can We Light Our Way In the Dark?; How Do Animal Parents Keep Their Babies Safe?; Is a Day Always the Same Length?
  • 2nd Grade:  What Can Maps Show Us About the Role of Water on Earth?; How Can We Stop Soil from Washing Away?; How Do Plants and Animals Need Each Other?; How Can We Change Solids Inot Liquids?.
  • 3rd Grade:  How CAn We Protect Animals When Their Habitat Changes?; How Do Weather and Climate Affect Our Lives?; What Explains Similarities and Differences Between Organisms?; How Can We Predict Patterns of Motion?.
  • 4th Grade:  How Can Animals Use Their Senses to Communicate?; What Is Our Evidence that We Live on a Changing Earth?;  How Can We Provide Energy to People's Homes?;  How Does Motion Energy Change in a Collision?.
  • 5th Grade:  How Can We Predict Change in Ecosystems?; How Can We Idnetify Materials BAsed on Their Properties?; How Can We PRovide Freshwater to Those in Need?; How Can the Sky Be Used to Navigate?.

How is my child being assessed?  Classroom based assessments.

For more information, please contact your child's teacher.