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Helpful Science Web Sites

The following websites are by no means a complete representation of all the information on the World-Wide-Web.  Hopefully the information presented here will continue to grow.  Suggestions for additional resources are always welcome, and this site will be updated and expanded as time goes on.  Please email any suggestions, corrections, bad links, or comments to Mr. Bob Busk, Executive Director for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment,

It is the teachers responsibility to review any website prior to using it in class.  All efforts have been made to make sure the sites are student friendly.

The Best of the Best Websites for Science

Organized under the following headings: General Science/Technology, Space Science, Biology – Life Sciences, Chemistry, Ecology/Geology – Earth Sciences, Physics/Physical Science, Archeology, Other – not sorted yet.  Compliments of the science department at Peebles High School, Ohio.

Periodic Table

All you would want to know about chemical elements.

Your Weight on Other Worlds

Ever wonder how much you would weigh on Mars?  On Jupiter?  The Sun?  Enter your weight and you'll be able to see how much you would weigh on 16 other planets, moons, and even stars.


Can we predict eruptions? How are volcanoes formed?  A great site for insight into the world of volcanoes.

Skateboard Science

What are the physics behind an "ollie"?  How are skateboards made?  A defininite must-see site for skateboarders.

Sea and Sky

An INCREDIBLE resource....whether you love is of the oceans or the skies.

The Science Explorer

Using common household items, make over 25 science projects.

The Rudiments of Wisdom Encyclopedia

A great "encyclopedia" of science terms including cartoon explanations.  Also includes information on animals, entertainment, sports, music and other topics.


Fun-filled site about science.  Experiments, amazing facts, crafts and recipes, magic tricks.  Really enjoyable!!!!

Color Matters

Why is a school bus yellow?  How does color affect our moods?  Anyone interested in color will enjoy this site.

Dr. Bob's Interesting Science Stuff

Interesting science topics to explore such as the Mysterious Sliding Boulders of Death Valley.  Includes sections: "Did You Know" and "Ask Dr. Bob".


An online science glossary for elementary age students.

PBS for Kids

Have Sid the Science Kid take your primary age student on science adventures.

Kids National Geographic

Great site for science games, quizzes, photos, and much more....for elementary to middle school.