Eastmont Opportunities

 ALE APEX Program


This program is your Opportunity to catch up on credits, work at your own pace, learn some great job skills, receive community support, and add career based credits to your transcript.

Students accepted into the program will have many choices for how to structure their own schedule; a Hybrid schedule split between EHS and our program, full time in our program here in the portables in a half day setting, or full time remote offsite. The individual's schedule combines well with classes at EHS, Skills Center and Running Start, and/or accommodates work/family commitments. We are conveniently located across from the high school in Portables 10, 11 and 12 behind Sterling Intermediate School.

If you are interested, contact Mr. Tullar at 509-888-1495 or at tullarr@eastmont206.org for more information. Applications are available from the counseling office. Completed forms should be turned in to the Counseling office.

 Message Board 2020-21

Evaluations happen at the end of each month and communicated by email to student and parent/guardian. Are you making the progress needed to meet your targets?

Weekly contact with your teacher is mandatory.

Choice Students: You must complete and submit the paperwork every year to remain in Eastmont. The Forms are obtained from your resident district of your home address and filed with them. If that district releases you, Eastmont will be notified and you will be contacted.

Returning Choice students should submit their paperwork in June because Choice decisions are made in August otherwise, you will be placed on a WAITING list.

New Students have 20 days to file Choice paperwork or be withdrawn from Eastmont. If not done on time, you remain a resident of the other district.

Students who do not make contact or make academic progress for 20 school days will be automatically dropped from the program.

School Hours 7:45am - 2:30pm 

  • Tara Abbott 509-888-1491
  • Daren Hoff 509-888-1497
  • Teresa Ladd 509-888-1490
  • Ryan Tullar 509-888-1495
  • ALE Secretary Cinthia Verduzco 509-888-1494 Spanish

For more information contact your EVA teacher listed above or the Counseling office at 509-888-5023/Spanish 888-4772.