Tips for Parents

Tips for Parents - Yes, you have a tremendous impact on your child!

Being involved in your child's education is one of the most important ways to help a child be successful.  There is much that parents can do at home to be involved.  Below are some of the ways parents can be involved.

  • Talk with your child about what he/she is learning.
  • Review the take home folder each evening with your child.
  • Have your child read (or be read to) for 20 minutes each evening.
  • Communicate with your child's teacher regularly - don't wait for concerns to arise.  (Examples:  How is my child doing behaviorally/academically?  Does my child need to complete any work?  What can I do to better support my child?) 
  • Establish a regular bed time (8:00 or 8:30 is a good time) and regular wake time.
  • Visit the local public library (getting books is so much fun and good for them too!).
  • Play games with your child.
  • Create a learning environment at home by providing quick access to good books and a quiet place to read or work.
  • Listen to your child.

How to Stay Informed:

One of the best ways to be involved in your child's learning is by staying informed with what is happening at school.  Here are a few ways to keep informed:

  • School Website
  • ParentSquare:  Your child's teacher and school principal regularly post updates in the app "Parentsquare". Contact Office Manager, Jillian Rice, to be added. 
  • Facebook:  Become a fan by searching for "US Grant Elementary School" or click on "School Information" on our school website.
  • Monthly School Newsletter:  Traditional monthly newsletters are sent via ParentSquare each month or sent home with students.
  • Take Home Folder:  Each student has a take-home folder with info for home and for work to do.  Please check this daily.
  • Attend PTO Meetings:  First Monday of every other month at 7:00pm in the library. Childcare is provided.  See monthly calendar for dates.