August 31, 2020

Superintendent's Update Aug 31 2020

Superintendent's Update 31 Aug 2020 (See in ParentSquare)

 • Garn Christensen • a month ago • Monday, Aug 31 at 2:55 PM • Eastmont School District

Improving communications continues to be a need for all organizations, especially schools as we work through a pro-longed national and state emergency. In an effort to do more in this area, I will be writing a short, very brief update directly to parents every week or two.


Eastmont Schools have been open for the 4th day in a row with instructional staff on campus with no shutdowns.  Cohorts or schools must be shutdown if we have confirmed COVID cases as a result of campus transmissions. 

Children of instructional employees are on-campus at each school in supervised childcare while their parents are working. 

All phones and our District network are working well. 

We have increased ventilation at all schools per safety requirements. 

We have spaced employees and students per safety requirements. 

We have increased cleaning of high touch surfaces per safety requirements.

We are all using masks when working on campus per safety requirements.

We are all engaging in increased hand-washing when on campus.

Principals and school staff are available to take phone calls, respond to emails, do some student assessments (mostly outside), and help support you and your student. 

We created Eastmont Virtual Academy (EVA) in response to parents requesting an all remote option.  

Not yet where we want it:

Eastmont Virtual Academy Principal Mrs. Tucker is working hard to remedy communication and other issues given this school emerged as a completely new school for Eastmont. 

Our new website is still not updated on all pages. 

We are still transitioning our new student information system.  

We need all parents to subscribe to ParentSquare Messaging to ensure they have current and accurate information, especially in emergencies. Please ask your principal to add you to your school's ParentSquare communication group.  

Remote learning technology continues to have connection issues. We are working with our internet providers to double our bandwidth by the end of this week. We are also distributing internet hotspots to those students without access and upgrading teacher's equipment.  

We currently have about 3% of our students working daily from our campuses. We hope this increases to 100% of those interested as soon as safely possible. 

Future Issues: 

We received notification today that we should be able to return to the student meal program we had in place the end of last school year. More information on this will be provided once it is confirmed. 

Please check the Eastmont web-page for future updates on information regarding the November 3rd proposal to renew our current educational and operations levy. This should be up by mid September.  

We look forward to returning all students to campus and for the restoration of all extracurricular program activities.  

Thank you for your patience. Eastmont Educators are doing the best they can in a very odd, and very difficult situation.


Garn Christensen

PS: Please see included directions for ParentSquare.

August 6, 2020

Parent Information - School Webinars 8/6

Eastmont Reopening Parent Meeting Schedule and Links

August 6th

Eastmont High School 

Eastmont Junior High School 

Clovis Point Intermediate School

Sterling Intermediate School 

Cascade Elementary School

Grant Elementary School

Kenroy Elementary School

Lee Elementary School 

Rock Island Elementary School 

August 3, 2020

Reopening Eastmont Schools - Parent Information

The Eastmont School District is pleased to release our “Roadmap for Reopening Schools” for our families.  This document provides an overview of our plans to instruct students and an option for our families who may want to learn in a remote setting for the long term.  

To gain a better understanding of what it will look like for your student, please join one of the livestream information sessions below.  These will be recorded and posted on each school’s website.  

Choice 1:  Phased Return to Normal School Operation with Your Student’s Principal 

  • Tuesday, August 4th: 6pm (English).  7pm (Spanish).  
  • Thursday, August 6th: 6pm (English).  7pm (Spanish).  This is a repeat session.

Choice 2:  Eastmont Virtual Academy (HomeFIELD) - Mrs. Katie Tucker, Administrator.

  • Wednesday, August 5th: 6pm (English).  7pm (Spanish).

Please click here for zoom meeting links for your child’s school and Eastmont Virtual Academy.

August 3, 2020

Media Release - 8/3/2020


Click here for Superintendent Christensen's latest Media Release regarding Eastmont's School Reopening Plan for 2020-21.  This release is after the Eastmont Board of Directors meeting held on 8/3/2020..

August 3, 2020

Parent Information - School Webinars

August 4th

Eastmont High School

Eastmont Junior High School

Sterling Intermediate School

Clovis Point Intermediate School

Cascade Elementary School

Lee Elementary School

Kenroy Elementary School

Grant Elementary School

Rock Island Elementary School

August 5th

Eastmont Virtual Academy/HomeFIELD