Eastmont Preschools

Wee Wildcats and Wee Cougars
Developmental Classrooms

Eastmont School District is dedicated to our investment in a strong early childhood program to serve children and families within the Eastmont district boundaries. We understand that all children grow and develop at varying rates and that opportunities for our children's growth and development is critial during the earliest year of life (birth-five).  Eastmont Preschools recognizes this as a unique opportunity to support families as their young children develop.  

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Eastmont Preschools (Wee Wildcats and Wee Cougars Classrooms) is a developmentally appropriate early learning community program that encourages playful interactions with peers, developmental thinking and problem solving skills, language development, social skills, and fine/gross motor skills in an inclusive play-based learning environment.   Eastmont Preschools offers opportunities for students ages 3-5 of all ability levels to engage and participate with their same age peers in developmentally appropriate learning opportunities.  At Eastmont Preschools, our work is PLAY and our work is FUN! 

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