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Children’s safety in coming to and going home from the Wee Wildcat preschool is of primary importance to all who are associated with the preschool program.  The Eastmont School District transportation department arranges transportation for special education students only at the request of their parents.

Bus Transportation -  Special Education qualified children will be picked up at their home on a specially equipped Eastmont School District bus.  All busses have approved child seats and children are securely placed prior to travel to their destination.  When a child starts at the preschool, special arrangements are made with the transportation department to pick them up at their home or day care facility and then to take him/her back to their home or day care.

The parent will be contacted with information about which bus and times for arrival and return from the preschool.   It is very important that any changes be communicated to the child’s teacher so arrangements can be made well in advance.  

Please call the bus garage at 884-4621 at least 30 minutes before their scheduled pick up if your student will not need the bus. Also please contact the bus garage if you need to change where your student will be picked and/or dropped off.

If you need to change the pick up or drop off location please know it will take 5 days to set up. Ex: If you call to change pick up location on Friday your child will not be able to be picked up there until the following Friday.

Eastmont Bus Garage – 884-4621

Parent-provided Transportation -  Parents who pay tuition for their children and those parents of Special Education children who want to bring their student to preschool and pick them up, must provide their own transportation.   Parents who provide their own transportation should enter the EHS bus ramp from Iowa St. and exit onto 3rd St. N.E.  Children should be dropped off with waiting preschool staff (look for staff in safety vests) at the preschool classrooms near the bus ramp.  

Children should not arrive at preschool more than 5 minutes before the start of each session and need to be picked up promptly at the end of each session.  If someone other than the parent is dropping the child off or picking them up, that person’s name should be given to the teacher and a large name card with the child’s first name placed in the front window of the vehicle, so preschool personnel will know which child belongs in which car. 

Drop-off and pick-up times 


Wee Wildcats (EHS)

AM classes: 8:30 AM and 11:00 AM  

PM classes: 12:30 PM and 3:00 PM 


Wee Cougars (Sterling)

AM classes: 8:30 AM and 11:00 AM  

PM classes: 12:30 PM and 3:00 PM 


Wee Wildcat Drop Off Procedures 2023-2024

Wee Cougar Drop Off Procedures 2023-2024

Because the loading area is also used by district school buses, it is imperative that no preschool driver enters the loading area until the above times. If you arrive earlier, you may park in the main parking lot until the designated time.

We have been asked to keep N. Iowa Street clear, so parents may not line up there to wait to enter the loading area. Teachers will exit the building at the south entrance by the crosswalk. The preschool bus and parents will pull up all the way to the crosswalk, which allows more cars to turn into the area from N. Iowa.

Please do not pull ahead of the crosswalk to buckle your child. Drivers will be patient as parents buckle children and merge into the driving lane. Do not pull ahead of a buckling parent. Slow, predictable, and careful movement around students is our goal. 

If a parent needs to visit with preschool personnel, please park in designated visitors parking area at the front of the high school.  Do not hold up the drop-off/ pick-up line to visit at length with teachers or school personnel.