Early Childhood Programs

Early Childhood programs are offered through Eastmont School District in collaboration with other Community Partner- Early Childhood Learning Programs. Eastmont Preschool offers classes located at Eastmont High School (Wee Wildcats classes) and at Sterling Junior High School (Wee Cougars classes).  Eastmont Preschools partners with EPIC and CDCSA who provide Head Start and ECEAP services at a variety of locations across the community. Eastmont Preschools also works in collaboration with a variety of private day care and preschool sites in East Wenatchee and Wenatchee.

Eastmont Preschools offer two locations current; Wee Wildcats is located at Eastmont High School and Wee Cougars is located at Sterling Jr. High School.  Both programs are available for typical developing children as well as for children who are experiencing developmental delays. High school students participating in the Child Development classes assist in preschool staff in providing services to preschoolers on a regular basis.  Preschool classes are offered both in the morning and afternoons as follows:

3 year olds class options:

Am Tuesday-Wednesday

AM Thursday-Friday

PM Monday-Tuesday

 PM Thursday-Friday

AM Wednesday-Friday

PM Wednesday-Friday

4 year olds options:

PM Wednesday-Friday

PM Monday-Wednesday

AM Tuesday-Friday

PM Monday-Thursday

     AM classs hours   

   8:30AM - 11:00AM

PM class hours

12:30PM - 3:00PM

Registration typically begins in March for the follow school year. 

For more information regarding CDCSA (Chelan-Douglas Child Services Association) and the Head Start Program or Early Head Start Program, please call 884.7057.

For more information regarding EPIC (Enterprise for Progress in the Community) and the ECEAP program, please call 293.7006.

Individual Services - Some preschool students may qualify for Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy services and are not in need of a preschool program. Those students are served within their Neighborhood Eastmont School District Elementary School in an effort to assist with development of these skills prior to Kindergarten enrollment.