Early Childhood Programs

Early Childhood programs are offered through Eastmont School District and a variety of agencies. Preschool programs are offered at the Wee Wildcat Preschool (Eastmont High School site), Sunset Ridge Head Start (East Wenatchee), EPIC (Rock Island Rd. site) and the Head Start offices (Kittitas street, Wenatchee). In addition, there are a number of private day care and preschool sites in East Wenatchee and Wenatchee.

Wee Wildcat Preschool - Two Classrooms - The Wee Wildcat preschool is located at Eastmont High School and is available for typical developing children as well as for children who are experiencing developmental issues and delays. High school students from the Child Development classes assist in providing services to preschoolers. Classes are offered both in the morning and afternoon, with 3 year olds attending for 2 hours-15 minutes on Monday and Tuesday and 4/5 year olds attending for 2 hours -15 minutes on Wednesday through Friday.

Parents of typically developing children may request a spot in preschool BEGINNING THE 1ST MONDAY IN MARCH and pay a monthly tuition amount.
After that date, children can be placed on the waiting list. Preschool curriculum is closely tied to reading and mathematics curriculum taught at Eastmont School District elementary schools. (888-1280, For More Information)

Head Start - East Wenatchee residents who request and qualify for Head Start attend preschool classes at Sunset Ridge Apartments or the Head Start center in Wenatchee. (Sunset Ridge 884-7057, Wenatchee 663-5179). Please see the local Headstart website www.cdcsa.com/site/default.aspx 

Early Head Start Services are available for families of children under the age of three. Early Head Start offers full day services to families with child care subsidies or a Home Base program. Please call (509) 663-5179 to see if you qualify. Children who qualify for Early Head Start services may be referred to a Family Resource Coordinator for services for children, birth to age 3 (Sunset Ridge - 884-7057,Wenatchee - 663-5179)

EPIC- ECEAP/Migrant Head Start Programs - EPIC provides services to migrant and low income families. The EPIC center is located on Rock Island Road just east of Mary street. EPIC provides Summer, Fall and Winter preschool programs as well as childcare for families who work in agriculture. Children who are in need of specialized services are referred through family advocates. EPIC provides on-going parental support through regularly scheduled family activities at their site. (884-2435)

Individual Services - Some preschool students may qualify for communication, OT or PT services and are not in need of a preschool program. Those students are often served in Eastmont School District Elementary schools to help them improve speech, fine or gross motor skills.