Program Philosophy

The Wee Wildcat Preschool program offers a variety of learning experiences which provide for the unique needs and abilities of our preschool and high school students. Our integrated program strives to promote a positive image of self and others. Multi-sensory play activities allow the children to learn about themselves and their environment at their own developmental level and within an appropriate preschool climate.  

The program philosophy consists of the following basic premises:

  1. Young children learn by doing. Children learn about the physical and social worlds through playful interaction with objects and people. Play requires students to engage in tasks that develop thinking, language, small muscle, large muscle, problem-solving, social and pre-academic skills.
  2. For children to understand and remember what they have learned, the information must be meaningful to the child. Children are provided concrete learning activities with materials and people relevant to their own experiences.
  3. The process, or how a child learns, is as important as the product, or what  the child learns.
  4. Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and discovery. Children choose many of their own activities from the variety of learning areas provided.  Children are encouraged to make choices and then act upon those choices, with the preschool workers facilitating their learning.
  5. No two children are at exactly the same developmental level. Different levels of ability and development are expected and accepted.

The curriculum taught is Open-Court PRE-K which coincides with the Eastmont School District K-8 curriculum.