At Eastmont High School, students self-register for classes.  The tabs below explain valuable information about how to successfully register for classes for the upcoming school year.  If you are not a currently enrolled EHS student, you will need to follow the admissions process.

Registration for the 22-23 school year will begin in February 2022.  Prior to students registering for classes, School Counselors will be going into the classrooms to talk with students about registration.  School Counselors will also be available before school and after school Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday of registration week.  Students are encouraged to listen to the registration presentations in the classrooms before trying to meet with School Counselors.

Welcome to Eastmont High School!  We are glad that you get to join us at the high school now.

Every 10th grader will need to take English, Math, Science, World History, and Leadership.  In addition, 10th graders will need to take PE, ART, and VOC/CTE classes if they have not met or completed all that are required for graduation.  Foreign Language is optional and highly recommended for students who are planning on going to college.

Students who miss in-class registration presentations can print off a Registration Worksheet below or get one from the Junior High counseling office.  Students can turn in their Registration Worksheet to the Junior High counseling office and the forms will be sent up to the high school counseling office.

Juniors the plan is for School Counselors to do in-class Registration Advisory Lessons February 27-March 3. 

Congratulations you have made it, you are a Senior!

Seniors the plan is for School Counselors to do in-class Registration Advisory Lessons February 13-17. 

Key resources that will be helpful for registration:

For questions, email the alpha counselor:

A-E         Donna Zukowski

F-L          Victoria Hiatt

M-Ri        Paula Ortiz 

Ro-Z       Scott Eaton