Graduation Pathway

What is this Graduation Pathway?  A graduation requirement imposed by Washington State that requires students to meet one of the seven performance pathways.  During sophomore year, students must take the Smarter Balance Accessment (SBAC) Math and English tests. To meet this graduation pathway option, students need to meet both passing scores of at least:     ELA minium score of 2548 & Math minium score of 2595.  If the student does not pass the SBAC tests, then the remaining 7 pathway options become available in their Junior and Senior year.

If you want to know more about Washington State's graduation pathway requirements, please click on this link to be directed to their website.

Graduation Pathways


Accessing Other Graduation Pathway Options:

  • To sign up for the ASVAB or SAT, go to the EHS Testing wesbite.
  • Do Running Start and take college English and college Math at Wenatchee Valley College.
  • Self-register for AP English and AP Math or College in the High School (CiHS) English and Math classes during registration week.
  • Take 2.0 credits of CTE Courses from specific Eastmont High School's CTE Pathways.  Students can do the "Mixed" CTE Pathway" where a student must complete 4 classes from the same CTE content.



Q: Where do I get my transcript?

A:  Complete the Transcript Request Form.


Q: How do I know if I passed the SBAC?

A: On your transcript, at the bottom, if you passed the SBAC in 10th grade for both ELA & Math it will say "Graduation Pathway... Met".  If you want to know your test scores for SBAC, SAT, ACT, or ASVAB you will need to contact our testing coordinator Ms. Venegas at the testing window or email her at


Q: What happens if I did not pass the SBAC?

A: Look at the other  "7 Graduation Pathways" form that is posted above to see what other route you can take to complete the graduation requirement.


Q: When and where do I sign up to take the SAT or ASVAB test?

A: The SAT is offered once in the Fall (Seniors only) and then once in the Spring (Juniors & Seniors). The ASVAB is offered in March. Dates and sign-up sheets can be found on the on the EHS website - Optional & State Testing Information page. Also, pay attention to ParentSquare, Morning Announcements, EHS Facebook page and your student email to be notified of when the next test date is. If you have questions or need additional information, please email Ms. Venegas at


Q: What is the cut score for the SAT/ACT?

A: SAT- Math score of 430, English score of 410.     ACT- Math score of 16.  English score of 14.


Q: What is the cut score for the ASVAB?

A:  ASVAB's minimum score is 31.



For questions, email the alpha counselor:

A-E          Donna Zukowski

F-L          Victoria Hiatt

M-Ri         Paula Ortiz

Ro-Z      Scott Eaton